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Yes, provides free shipping on all orders and returns. Both our ready to wear reading glasses and custom prescription orders are sent via 3-day shipping. Please note: custom Rx may take between 2-3 days to develop at the lab.
Your delivery date depends on a few factors:
• Your type of order: Custom Prescription Glasses vs. Ready to Wear Readers
• The status of your order: Has your Rx been provided?
• When your order was placed: Orders placed before 1pm Pacific Time ship the same day
Either way, shipping is on us!
Delivery Window by Order Type:
Ready to Wear Orders: 3 Business Days
Prescription Orders: 7-10 Business Days
No, at this time we do not ship internationally.
Our eyewear frames are constructed from the highest quality cellulose acetate and titanium, handcrafted and hand-polished to reveal the beauty and warmth of the underlying raw materials.
Cellulose acetate is a fantastic material to produce premium quality eyewear frames. First, it is sourced from sustainable, plant-based materials derived from wood pulp and cotton fibers. It is formed into laminated sheets which make it possible to create an unlimited number of color and pattern variations. And in its finished state – whether buffed to a soft matte or polished to a shine – our premium acetate frames have a uniquely warm and natural feeling; not to mention a depth and richness of color and transparency that is second to none.
Because of the natural properties of acetate, it is possible to adjust the shape of the frames to achieve a more customized fit tailored just for you. Inside the temples is a wire metal core engineered to hold the desired shape.
Beautiful. Lightweight. Custom-fitted. Sustainable production from plant-based raw materials. Cellulose acetate is a natural choice for our premium eyewear frames.
You found a frame shape you like and a color you love. But as you browse online you’re not sure if the frame you want is going to be sized correctly for your face – is it too large your face? Too small? Or just right? Here is a tip to make it a lot easier to get the right size frame when shopping for eyewear online.
Already wear eyeglasses or reading glasses? Look inside the temples to find the size specifications for the frame you are currently wearing. Typically it looks something like this: 50 □ 20 -147.
The first number (50) refers to the width of the lens at the widest part. This is commonly described as the “eye size”. In this example the lens is 50 millimeters wide. The second number (20) refers to the width of the nosebridge – this is the part of the frame that sits between the lenses and crosses over your nose. In this example the nosebridge is 20 millimeters wide. The last number (147) refers to the length of the temples – the stems that go back around your ears. In this example the temples measure 147 millimeters long.
Now refer to these measurement numbers as a benchmark to help you select the frames online with similar measurements for Eye Size and Bridge. Employing this simple trick will help you to shop with confidence for eyewear online that will be sized correctly for your face.
Find the right style for your face shape
Let’s face it, selecting eyeglass frames is a very personal matter. It depends on the shape and size of your face, which features are more (or less) prominent on your face such as cheek bones or nose bridge, and – of course – it depends on your own personal sense of style.
The first thing to do is to determine which general category your face shape falls into: Square, Round, Oval, or Heart. Then we can suggest frame styles that are likely to complement your face shape and features.

The square face shape is characterized by a prominent jawline, angular features and a wide forehead. We recommend eyeglass frames with rounder features to complement the strong angles of the square face. For example, consider frame shapes with curvy design elements such as round, rounded-square, oval or cateye.

A Round face features soft, rounded lines with cheeks slightly wider than the forehead and jaw. For this face shape look for frames that tend to be more rectangular or cateye instead of square or round.

Oval faces tend to show relatively balanced proportions in terms of narrow foreheads and narrow chins, with the widest part of the face being their high cheek bones. Pretty much any frame shape can work: from classic round or square styles to cateye or “wayfarer” designs.

The Heart shaped face has a broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a pointed/narrow chin with a jawline that is long and tapered. Typically, the widest part of your face is at the top and it narrows at the bottom. Look for frame designs that tend to reflect your overall face shape with a slightly wider line across the top of the frame and then taper to a narrower line across the bottom of the frame. Consider frames with strong end points at the upper corners such as a cateye shape, or a semi-rimless design.
In a word: no. All reading glasses are not equal. Quality differentiators include the following:
-Frame material and quality of construction
-Lens material and quality
-Lens coatings, such as Anti-Reflection or Anti-Blue Light treatments
Don't expect discount readers that are mass-produced and available at your local vendor or online for less than 150/- to last very long or fit very well. But they are appropriate solutions for certain situations where you expect to lose or break them relatively quickly. They are low cost because they rely on lower quality materials and construction, such as injection-molded plastic frames and pop-in/pop-out plastic hinges. They typically use a low-cost polycarbonate plastic lens material that scratches very easily and has low optical clarity. Premium lens coatings? Forget it!
At, we believe there is a better way to achieve excellent vision correction for reading and near-vision tasks. We use the highest quality optical lenses to ensure crystal clear vision. Premium anti-reflective treatment and anti-scratch hard coatings are standard on every lens to maximize comfort and durability. If you spend a lot of time in front of digital devices, you can select a premium anti-blue light treatment to reduce the amount of high energy visible blue light emitted from your digital screens.
Do you receive this level of quality, craftsmanship and custom-tailored finishing from your discount readers? No, all reading glasses are not created equal.
No, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy reading glasses. Reading glasses may be purchased “over the counter”, without a prescription. All you need to know is your magnification power, for example: +1.00, +1.50, +2.00 or +2.50. The higher the number, the stronger the power of magnification.
If you currently wear reading glasses, then you already know your power of magnification. This makes buying new readers very easy. If you are buying reading glasses for the first time, then we would recommend starting with a lower power such as +1.00. Of course, with our free shipping and free returns, at Lens & Frame Co. you can try on as many different frame choices and reading power magnifications as you wish. Keep the ones you love, return the ones you don’t.