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  • 25th

    Feb,, 2021,

    Optical Store Near Me | Book Online Appointment | Find Best Optical Shop Nearby

    Posted by : Mukut Sarma

    Buying a pair of spectacles is not a very easy task, especially for those who are first time wearer of spectacles. You are concern about multiple things. Will the optician you are planning to visit be reliable? Is he properly trained for accurate refraction of eyes? Shall I get enough product to choose from? Shall I get my spectacle in right price? Will the lens be of good quality? What about getting answers of those question at comfort of your home before making an actual visit to a store.  We at adjactly tries to help you in this. We are aggregator of optical store and seek to bring a mutiple optical stores of your locality in front of you for getting feedback about stores, see products available at store, reviews of customers about a store, qualification of the optician, price of product etc. As an user you just need to insert your pin number of your locality to find optician & optical store near you or the best optical store nearby. You can also book an op...

  • 22th

    Feb,, 2021,

    Offline optical store aggregator aims to become the oyo for optical stores.

    Posted by : Mukut Sarma

    India has more than 1 lac optical stores and the numbers are increasing in every single day. But the online visibility of these thousands of stores has not been as optimal as it’s supposed to be considering qualified opticians are running these stores. While big giants of the industry are eyeing on for direct entry into the optical retail business, it’s not going to be easy for them as their current business is dependent on these stores for survival. This is may not be the case for other big markets of the globe but traditional optical stores still dominates the retail business space in India. But micro-management of these stores is still a major issue which needs to be address so that both delivery of service and product becomes more consumer friendly and matches with the aspiration and consumer behavior of our time. The stores on the other hand also need to be enabled by giving them easy access for B2B purchase of optical goods by linking them with multiple suppliers all ac...

  • 15th

    Feb,, 2021,

    Traditional opticians require urgent attention & care

    Posted by : Mukut Sarma

    India's vision care industry is poorly dependent on the community of traditional optician who are providing relentless service through their hands on experience on the field for last many years. They are the backbone for providing vision care service to our vast majority of population. While corporate outlet and its reach is still limited to a very tiny amount of population, people living is far flung areas are still dependent on the traditional optical stores for their requirment of eye test and pair of spectacles. The home eye test & home outreach program through digital campaign is also mostly restricted to the metro cities with very limited outreach. Despite having hundred of optometry school & colleges, quality vision care service is still a very big challenge in the country. Most of the passed out professional does not intent to extend their service to our tier 3 or tier 4 cities where vast of our population resides. There is a need to consolidate and gradually expand th...