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    Feb,, 2021,

    Traditional opticians require urgent attention & care

    Posted by : Mukut Sarma

    India's vision care industry is poorly dependent on the community of traditional optician who are providing relentless service through their hands on experience on the field for last many years. They are the backbone for providing vision care service to our vast majority of population. While corporate outlet and its reach is still limited to a very tiny amount of population, people living is far flung areas are still dependent on the traditional optical stores for their requirment of eye test and pair of spectacles. The home eye test & home outreach program through digital campaign is also mostly restricted to the metro cities with very limited outreach.

    Despite having hundred of optometry school & colleges, quality vision care service is still a very big challenge in the country. Most of the passed out professional does not intent to extend their service to our tier 3 or tier 4 cities where vast of our population resides. There is a need to consolidate and gradually expand the reach of vision care service by utilising the available resources. 

    The tradtional opticians are repository of knowledge and keeps on training their subordinate to take on new assignments. They need support & assitance in different form. One of the biggest challenge is creating a synergy of activities in order to create bigger impact in mitigating the gap of need of vision care and actual delivery of services. Technology can help a lot in this regard. We at has taken up multiple initiatives in this direction.

    One of our biggest priority is to build a stronger community of optician & other vision care professional and equip them with tools to reach out to as many as people they can and talk about service & product they want to deliver. Now each optician can have their own online optical store with us without burning money & time in developing & running website of their own. They can now take online appointment for eye testing from customers and deliver home service as well if they wish so. They can also showcase their product to their prospective customer and can book product online through their dedicated page developed as online store. They can also manage inventory, billing, extend discount coupon to customer to generate more footfal in optical store through the paltform we have created. User on the other hand can find nearby optical store just by entering pin code or the locality in our website. They can also see what all products are available at store from comfort of their home. They can also see customer reviews to get the desired service from the best optical shop in the locality. 

    Apart from this, they also can buy optical goods in wholesale from the website from multiple suppliers. Whatever frames, sunglasses or any other optical goods are bought from suppliers are automatically displayed on their optical store page which saves time, money and energy of optical store owner to manage their online optical store. As the wholesale B2B business is dependent on credit sytem which is extended mostly by the suppliers, now store owner can avail EMI options from us while buying product in wholesale. Having multiple brand of frames, sunglasses, optical instrument, is grdaully emerging as as a wholesale optical market place for India. We will keep on trying to help our optical community with our little effort in this direction and make changes in business strategy as per the time demands.        

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