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    Apr,, 2021,

    Buy quality spectacle at best price from optical store nearby

    Posted by : Mukut Sarma

    As a regular wearer of spectacle, are you aware that most of the product that a showroom offers to you comes from one single company? Are you aware that despite having different brand names & marketing gimmicks, they are all linked to a single company worldwide? That’s the power of monopoly which is driving the customer to buy product from bucket of options but in reality all the products are having an illusionary affect of having wide range of options but actually digging in your pockets heavily while purchasing a product by offering same quality product at exorbitant price. 

    So what do you do in this situation? Do you look for brands with a blind eye or should try to find out options around you and do some more investigation on options available which can provide you relief in terms of affordability without compromising on the quality.

    The good news is there are options available and its available just near your locality. You just need all the information in one place so that you can see, learn, judge and make an informed decision about both product & price of different product.

    Role of as an online aggregator of optical stores becomes more relevant and necessary in this regard. We are trying to bring together all the optical stores your locality and upgrade them into a online studio store so that customer can easily look for nearby optical shop as well as the product available at store with price & product specification.

    The stores are again linked with different importer of supplier of optical goods, who work with us as online supplier of goods and bought products by store in wholesale are automatically displayed in the store page in retail price for customer. Discounts & quality assurance are offered by 

    Customer also can see the review & ratings of each optical store to assess the quality & range of product at comfort of their home. Customer also can book online appointment for eye test and also can book product if they wish so.

    The product information will help customer to have an idea about the quality of product and also to assess whether the product is value for money or not. Customer also can avail the best service & years of experience of a traditional optician than a fresher or inexperience sales representative of a showroom where quality eye testing has always been an issue for many customers.          

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