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    Jun,, 2020,

    Why ?

    Posted by : Mukut Sarma

    Why WearMySpex?

    A recent survey has revealed that traditional optical shop of India has lost 4 out of 10 customers to online trade. Another study also has revealed that 40% of the online customers of spectacle are not happy with their purchase experience because of issue of choosing the right frame according to face shape. A combination of online & offline experience seems to be working fine for this particular industry. We at Eyennovation Eyewear is developing a online market place for consumer, optical shop & suppliers of product to give easy access to product & service to both customer & optical shops. Customer now can see & compare product available at their nearby optical shop at comfort of their home, can connect with nearby optical shop online for home visit and buy product either online or offline. Optical shop on the other hand gets full access to our warehouse online and get buy all required product in wholesale price. They can also upgrade their shop from offline to online and also can display their product available at their shop to their prospective customer which will solve their current issue of low footfall in their shop. A separate distributor module also has been developed to build required capacity of traditional opticians to upgrade & manage shop online, to serve a particular territory and provide after sales service to optical shops. Retail customers also are assured off for after sales service as he/she is able to get connected with his/her nearby optical shops and also can be assured of quality of product which will be manged & controlled at our master warehouse.

    With technological innovation, optical industry has changed both in terms of spectacle buying method of customer & product delivery service mechanism of optical shops. Entry of big corporate in the industry has also shaken the traditional method of carrying optical business. Proliferation of big optical chain also has brought new challenges for old opticians. Big corporate also has taken away the traditional customer base of opticians by entering into the online space as well. Traditional opticians are now struggling to sustain their business and finding no solution to deal with the new found reality.

    India is a country of more than half a billion people having uncorrected vision. The solution is not very expensive and a piece of simple spectacle can fix the same. The solution in turn can help in enhancing productivity of the country contributing significantly in our GDP growth. But the current scenario seems to be creating more issues than providing solution in reaching out to the critical mass. We got to fix the same to meet the desired objectives in future.

    The traditional opticians has been instrumental in providing vision care service to the masses at large for many decades but they lack synergy, resources and a common platform to counter the new challenges thrown up by the market. They are also the repository of all required skill to provide the best solution of vision care to people and losing them out in the race will be a big loss to the society & the economy at large. We need to nurture them for their experience and service and to provide them a platform so that they are also able to face the new challenges of market.

    At Eyennovation Eyewear, our job will be to enable them and to create a synergy of traditional opticians to provide the best solution to meet up the expectation of new generation buyer’s by extending best services and quality spectacle frames & lens at most affordable price.

    What are the services you can expect from

    We extend full support for photography of all products, social media campaign to promote your shop online and also connect your customer online with your shop to provide home service or to book appointment with you. Customer now can see what all spectacle frames are available online at your shop by searching nearby listed optical shop at the particular location. Customer also can track your shop location, compare price, rate your services and also can write reviews for you to get further recommendation from customer. You at your end can create your own customer data base for further promotion of new product keeping your customer informed about new collection of frames. We also provide you the tools for online promotion of your shop to get a competitive advantage in the market and to stay relevant with fast changing market eco system.

    Our objectives

    1. Creating a common platform of opticians online.
    2. On boarding of importer and listing their brand at our website.
    3. Developing a master warehouse by allocating space to each brand.
    4. Creating a delivery mechanism of direct manufacturer to optical shops & customers eliminating multiple layers in the supply chain in between. 
    5. Upgrading optical shop from offline to online.
    6. Providing them direct access to buy wholesale from master warehouse.
    7. Automatic display of their product at their page after procurement.
    8. Tool for online promotion of their shops.
    9. Tool to manage customer data and connect with them digitally.
    10. Tool to manage inventory.
    11. Provide home visit service for eye testing.
    12. Promoting schemes & benefits to customer collectively all across the country
    13. Tool to customer to locate their nearby listed shop.
    14. Tool to see the product range available at the shop.
    15. Tool to compare prices and take an informed decision about the choice of product
    16. Take benefit of home visit service

    Current Market Sentiment

    In the recent years, major changes have taken place in the optical industry in terms of spectacle buying experience of customer. This has negatively impact the business of traditional opticians. India has currently more than 1 lack optical shops which are mostly spread over across the major cities & small town of India. In one hand when major chunk of traditional customer of has shifted to online mode of procurement, on the other hand along with online mode, these companies also have started opening their own offline showrooms in different cities. Now the offline customers also have started shifting to these showrooms instead of the traditional shops. With strong marketing presence, brand value creation and promotion in multiple platform they are able to create an impression among customers while individual traditional opticians are left out with no option but to manage with limited customer footfall. Now they have a strong feeling to upgrade their shop to online as well as coming together in single platform and work together to counter the existing market challenges.

    They also have a realization that online customer is rapidly going to increase in near future and without upgrading themselves to online platform; it will be difficult to survive in future. But in order to do that they lack resources and a practically single shop also cannot create any synergy to draw customer attention. It is also near impossible to extend regular after sales service without having pan India presence. But coming together in one platform they can also resolve these practical issues as well.

    Optical industry does not work on MRP concept across industry there are huge price variation in products. It has created huge mistrust among customers of paying exorbitant price to traditional opticians. Also the industry does not have a mechanism of quality control. With coming together in single platform, a mechanism can be devised of both price control & quality management of product which in return will start building confidence among customers.

    Social media platforms are emerging as an important platform to promote any business. It is always very difficult for a single shop to carry any impactful social media campaign to increase footfall in shop. But a collective campaign of opticians in harmony can create a huge impact in the market. We as an aggregator will use our partner’s strength to carry out both organic & inorganic growth in social media and we are confident that at a very short span of time we will be able make a huge impact in the market.

    Target of 2020

    We have target of listing at least 10000 optical shops in our website in the year of 2020. Once the shops are listed, business will simultaneously start flowing. We also have plan to list 15 reputed brand in our website this year. We hope to have presence in 30 states of India by end of this year.

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